Today I came across an interesting article and discussion in the American Marketing Association group on Linkedin:

Next Gen Market Research Interview With Ford’s Head of Social Media

Tom H.C. Anderson of Next Gen Market Research interviewed Scott Monty, the head of Social Media at Ford Motor Company. The article “Three Social Media Tips from Scott Monty” provides a peek into how social media has been incorporated into this large corporation’s communication strategy and how they use it as a tool to work towards business objectives.

The Basics:

  • As part of the Corporate Communications team, his goals are to “improve the company’s reputation and help build purchase consideration.”
  • Scott and Tom discuss the challenges of balancing work and personal life in a social media environment and Scott shares the link to Ford’s set of social media guidelines for employees.
  • Scott shares 3 valuable social media tips.

Ford Social Media Guidelines


Read the article Three Social Media Tips from Scott Monty and the Ford Motor Company’s Digital Participation Guidelines.

Do they apply to your business?