Last week I asked participants this question:

Who Are Your Customers?

Then, we answered this question together:

What social media channels are your customers using?

At the end of the workshop, I asked business owners to come up with SMART social media goals and promised to return next week with strategies and action steps to achieve these goals. My notes and links to resources have been included below:

Social Media Goals

The first 3 goals I collected last week would benefit from being converted to SMART goals first (what’s a smart goal?):

1 – Explore opportunities to connect with prospects/strategic alliances on social media channels.

-Convert to SMART goal by answer these questions: Where? By When?

-Describe these prospects/strategic alliances and determine what social media channels these demographics use.

-What is the best way to connect with them there? Share your expertise (free consulting offer, blog posts/guest posts, create a group/forum)? Cross promotion? Connections (advertising to friends of friends, referral rewards)?

2 – To use social media to increase sales.

-Identify social media channel(s) to use.

-Create measurable goal. (Increase sales by how much? How much time and/or money will you invest? How will you track where sales come from?)

3 – To have social media channels up and running by the end of the summer.

-Identify which social media channels (recommended: choose 2-3).

-Clarify ‘up and running’ (how many posts per week, integration?, what other activity?)

-Social media account set up – best practices (class discussion).

4 – To have website and LinkedIn integrated and running in 2 months.

-You will need an email address that includes your domain to set up a LinkedIn company page.

-If you already had your company listed on your personal profile, you need to go back and select your company again after the page has been created for your logo to show up.

-Integration: you can add a LinkedIn company profile to your website. Example:

-Integration: you can add a LinkedIn follow button to your website. Example:


Requirements for a Company Page on LinkedIn

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn badges: you can add a LinkedIn badge that connects to your personal profile on LinkedIn – they have 10 different options. Here’s mine as an example:

View Tanya Bennett's LinkedIn profile View Tanya Bennett’s profile


5 – Create a Facebook business page to reach out to personal Facebook friends in the construction industry for work/referrals by February 7, 2017.

-Strategy (class strategy)

6- Increase brand awareness: to have 1,000 fans/followers on Facebook and Instagram by the end of the year.

-track fans/followers month-to-month to measure success and adjust targets/strategy

-make sure profile info is complete, current, and consistent across channels and that it looks great!

-post regularly (basic guideline: at least 3x a week or once a day)

-integrate and cross-promote (class discussion)

-ASK (class discussion)

-PAY (never pay for followers, but you can pay for advertising!)

– Advertising – ads created in Facebook can go out to both Facebook and Instgram

7 – To use Facebook to increase Mailchimp mailing list by 10-50 subscribers per month.

– Use integration settings in Mailchimp (add tab to Facebook page)
– Clearly communicate the value to of the newsletter and how often it will be sent out.
– Use sign up button on Facebook and promote it with advertising.
– Use Facebook cover to advertise the newsletter.
– Run a contest where entrants must sign up to newsletter or share contest.
– Incentivize sign-up (“Our classes sell out fast, sign up to our newsletter to find out about new classes first! “, offer discount, send out at-home activities)


Woobox contest with newsletter sign up and sharing trigger for extra entries. Live example of a contest using this platform.

8 – To have one brand ambassador active by the end of the summer.

– Research, identify and start relationship-building with up 3 brand ambassadors by the beginning of the summer.

– Look at your connections: do you know anyone who knows anyone who would be a candidate?

– Class discussion: You might already have some brand ambassadors out there! Who are they and how can you elicit their help?


How to Launch a Successful Brand Ambassador program.
Brand Ambassador Program Blueprint by Britt Michaelian