Fired From Facebook: 5 People Who Lost Their Jobs Over Social Media

You heard about the Weinergate wrangle, the Domino???s Pizza debacle and the Chrysler controversy. All of these mishaps involved the misuse of social media.

You would think that people would learn to watch what they post on social media sites, but there are still some posting status updates, pictures or videos that???whoops???land in front of their boss. The following are five people who lost their jobs over social media.


1. Connor Riley

Connor Riley jumped the gun with Twitter. She received a job from Cisco, and like most people, turned to Twitter to share the news with everyone else. Unfortunately, her tweet wasn???t as celebratory as one would think, stating, ???Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.???

Like a smart company, Cisco monitored their online reputation and came across the post. They soon rescinded their offer, so Ms. Riley never had to deal with the commute or receive the ???fatty paycheck???.


2. Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson was a waitress. Irritated that she had to stay late to wait on a table of two, and more irritated at the small tip they left, she turned to Facebook to vent her frustrations, calling the customers ???cheap???. Johnson???s boss found out about the status update and fired her for violating company policy.


3. Virgin Airlines Crew Members

Recently, 13 flight crew members from Virgin Airlines were fired over Facebook activity. They each used the site to discuss information about the airline, including how often engines had to be replaced and saying there were cockroaches in the cabins. They even insulted passengers. When the activity was brought to the attention of management, the crew members were let go.


4. Cameron Reilly

Cameron Reilly was a Guardsman at Buckingham Palace, and after feeling shafted by Princess Kate Middleton, he turned to Facebook to rant about it, calling her a ???stuck up cow??? and a ???posh b@#$%???. The Princess was not happy about this, and Reilly was fired.


5. Christine Rubio

Teachers are always getting in trouble for their social media use, but this teacher may take the grand prize. Christine Rubio had been a teacher for 15 years. A student at her school had recently died during a field trip to the beach, and the following day, Rubio made this post: ???After today, I???m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their guts.???

What are your thoughts on employees being fired over social media? Do you think companies have the right to do this, or do you think social media postings should have no bearing on the workplace? Share your thoughts below.


Kristi Munno
Copywriter | Content Management Specialist
With over six years of professional writing experience, Kristi is a published author who expertly communicates on the importance of content in business and marketing.

Today I facilitated a workshop about social media with a large group of international students, which was very fun! During my 3 hour workshop we defined social media and I described the 7 different types. We also talked about social media’s influence and power and the importance of a social media policy (even individuals should have one to avoid situations like the 5 examples above).