Who needs Today’s Workshop?


Want to provide  extra training and support for  your  staff  without buying into lengthy  and time- consuming programs? Today’s Workshop will benefit both your business and your employees. Your employees will come away with new Social Media and  Business Communications skills, as well as a greater appreciation for their workplace.



Own your own  business and want to know the latest Marketing trends? Today’s Workshop can bring  you up to speed on how Social Media, Socially Responsible Business Practice and Communicative  Branding can help you attract customers in today’s savvy marketplace.



Trying to get ahead but feel like you are lacking the  knowledge or skills? We’d love to help. With a little knowledge you can open new doors and change your life. It all starts TODAY.


Why choose Today’s Workshop?

Our Workshops are, informative, convenient and fun!



Our workshop participants gain relevant skills and information that help  build businesses, move careers forward,  and get lives moving in a positive direction. Not only do we bring you our expertise, but we are also experts at facilitating great participation and shared learning.



Got a busy schedule? Try one of our “Learning Lunches!” More of a morning person? How about a “Brilliant Brunch?”  We can come to your place of work or arrange a learning space.  Our workshops can be easily customized suit your needs.



We specialize in participant- centred learning that gets you using  your  new skills and applying new concepts to your business, job, and in a lively, interactive environment.


What do you want to learn TODAY? 

We currently offer WORKSHOPS in: 

Business Communications

Social Media Policy (for students, for nonprofits, for businesses)

Social Media for New Business Owners

Customer Service

Leadership Skills

Branding for Small Business

What is Marketing? Basics for Small Business.

Socially Responsible Businesses

Business English for Second Language Learners

English Language Service for Adults

Canadian Corporate Culture for International Students and Organizations

Work/ Life Balance: the Ongoing Quest


More to come! Please contact Today’s Workshop for more information. Don’t see exactly what you need? Talk to us.  We can make it work!