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If you are new to LinkedIn, you can watch the short video above.

My Top 5 LinkedIn Tips

1. Go into each of the settings and makes some choices before you start filling out your profile (I showed you how to do this yesterday if you were at the workshop). Remember to turn your activity feed off in the settings any time you are going to be making lots of changes to your profile.
2. Professional, professional, professional. As in, use: proper capitalization and grammar, a professional (but casual and friendly!) tone, and restrict your public messages (updates, comments, etc) to professional topics.
3. Your profile photo is important. It doesn’t have to be slick but it should be (here’s that word again-) professional.
4. Restrict your resume: your profile doesn’t have to be an exact copy of your resume and it doesn’t have to list every single job you’ve ever had. Use your work experience to your advantage.
5. Keywords – use the keywords someone might type into a search engine in your profile so that people looking for someone like you can find you.
BONUS: Keep it fresh – revisit your profile at least every quarter. Add it to your time management software so that a reminder pops up.