This month, I’m looking forward to running two social media workshops with participants of Langara’s Self Employment Program.

  • Social Media Workshop 1: November 15, 2012
  • Social Media Workshop 2: November 22, 2012

My objective: to offer practical advice for new business owners – how to promote businesses using social media based on my experiences as a social media manager for my clients, as well as my own experiences as a business owner!

I’ve developed these workshops to be helpful to all participants regardless of their familiarity with the platforms covered. Participants already active in social media will be able to use the workshops to enhance their social media presence while others will get the information they need to begin.

My focus for these workshops is to make them hands-on (laptops used during session) and practical (real, proven tips and tools that a new business owner can use).

Covered during the workshops:

Social Media 1

  • Social media policy. 
  • Success stories (and cautionary tales).
  • Due to time limitations, our focus will be on 3 platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter), plus blogging in general (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Homework assignment(s): participants may select 0-4 assignments based on the platforms, depending on their time commitments .

Social Media 2

  • Advanced work on 2 platforms (determined by participant interest during the first workshop).
  • Advanced social media: content strategy, tools (widgets, buttons, management tools), online/offline marketing (free, paid), and success measurements.

    Social Media Support: 1 on 1 

    • Participants of the program can also book an appointment with me – I have 4 hours of advisory and counselling services available for one-on-one support. This is an excellent opportunity to get free social media or business communications coaching: 100% about you and your business.

    By the end of the 2nd workshop, participants may have their businesses set up on all 3 platforms; plus, a blog and a content strategy (including use of tools for integration). Participants already active in social media will have taken their social media presence to the next level.