Enlarge / Reflected XSS vulnerabilities in action

Aspect Security

  • Recently many people have had their Yahoo email accounts hacked. Click on the link above to read an article by Dan Goodin at arstechnica.com.


  • In my opinion, email addresses that end with @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com should never be used for business or professional purposes.


  • I also don’t think your business email should end in your internet service provider’s name (i.e. @shaw or @telus).


  • You should have an email address that ends in the name of your business- once you have the domain name, most hosting companies offer at least 1 free email account. If you don’t know how to set this up, most companies will help you via live chat or telephone.


  • Many people have several email addresses and you can send and receive them all in one place using an email client. Don’t do this in Yahoo or Hotmail – Gmail is more secure- you can add 5 additional email accounts to your Gmail in the ‘settings.’ Or, use something like Office365 or Google Apps for Business. You can hire someone to set this up for you- check if it’s included in the cost of your website or hire a computer troubleshooter and support company.