• What’s in a Brand Name? Everything! This is your first, and maybe your only shot at reaching your target market with your new company, product or service.

Word Power

  • Most would-be marketers start with the assumption that a good brand name is memorable– something short, catchy,  and creative. When we look at the sea of familiar and successful brands, this seems true. Many of our most common household brands that carry the most brand equity consist of one word- think of the impact of brands such as “Apple” or “Life.”


  • Other brands have invented words, such as “Lululemon,” that have now become part of the lexicon and are firmly associated with the companies or products they represent, some to the point of replacing the original word in daily use. Most North Americans blow their noses with “Kleenex,” cover scrapes with “Band-Aids,” and throw “Frisbees” at the park, regardless of what brand of tissue, bandage, or throwing disk they actually use!


  • But how easy is it to come up with a fresh, one word brand name that will survive in today’s crowded marketplace? If you are launching a new product or business, a brand name that is meant to be catchy could simply not catch on. It may be that when you are branding your brand new company, your starting point should be with something more descriptive.
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