• One of the themes running through today’s workshop was how important it is to have clear goals for using social media.


  • Once you have a goal, you can make the right decisions about which social media platform(s) to use. I suggested that it is more effective to start small so that you can remain focused. There is no point in setting up accounts or profiles on multiple platforms, only to leave them dormant.


  • We reviewed the Smart Goals For Social Media infographic from Social Media Today (results, tactical, capacity) and then I asked the participants to come up with some objectives. I asked them these questions:
  1. What do you want social media to do for your business?
  2. Which two social media platforms will help you achieve this goal?

Social Media Objectives

  • Here are the objectives the participants came up with:


  • How do I get more ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ authentically (or organically)?
  • How can I generate sales using social media?
  • How can I use social media to get access to opportunities by networking?
  • How can I increase website traffic with social media?
  • Excellent questions and I will make sure I address all of them next week!

Social Media Goals: Success Measurements

  • It is important to make sure goals are measurable. How will we know we’ve achieved these goals?


  • Increase in ‘likes’ or ‘follows’: you might want to set a specific number as a goal!
  • Sales: on a small scale, it is easy to ask new customers where they found you. If you have an online shopping cart, you can track sales that way.
  • Opportunities: set a specific number and time period (i.e. connect once a day, join once a week, attend once a quarter).
  • Traffic: use tools to see where traffic comes from and measure the success of your social media activity.