• Morgen Matheson, graphic designer and owner of Bespoke Creative,  is an expert at interpreting and expressing branding concepts, creating spot-on logo designs and branding packages for clients that stand out as unique and contemporary.  Today’s Workshop asked Morgen to share some of the inner workings of her business and what inspires her.

Why did you originally start this business?


  • Creativity is a way of life for me.  I always imagined myself as a business owner.  I didn’t want to stop being creative and productive (in a business sense) just because I have children and choose to stay home with them.  This gives me the opportunity to keep my toes in the water while not missing out on my children’s most formative years.  I suppose you can say that I don’t settle for just the cake.


What is it about what you do that excites you the most?


  • Learning about new businesses, being challenged by each and every unique situation.  Trying to get out of each person what makes them unique.  Then, of course, it’s the gratification of the successful end result.


What is the most difficult aspect of running your business?


  • The admin work!  Being a creative at heart makes you a big picture person.  So then it’s those little details, like staying on top of bookkeeping, that always wind up getting pushed to the back burner, even though they need to be top of mind.


What is the most important question you ask your clients?


  • Why they do what they do.  This question helps me understand their personal reasons for doing what it is they do, and often can coax out some personality.


What have you fount to be the most effective way of reaching new clients?


  • Always, ALWAYS, have business cards on you.  Never know when you can pass one out.  I’ve passed out business cards at parks, parties, everywhere!  Also, volunteer for something.  You can get way more engaged with someone here, who can help you out.  Never know who you will meet, washing dishes, at a charity function.

What has not worked for you?


  • Networking events, looking for clients/paycheck.  These things are like speed dating, and the success rate is probably about the same.


Do you want to grow your company? What are the steps you need to take to do this?


  • a) “The dream” – In the long term, yes.  My five year plan is to have a group of people I collaborate with, where we all bring clients to each other and rely on one another.  Where it’s not about logging a 40hr work week, but logging in projects and clients, with a good mix of charity, high profile, and ongoing work.  I suppose, a community of collaborators.


  • b) “The how” – For right now, its about me keeping my toe in the water and staying relevant.  Then as I gain new successful collaborations, hopefully I will gain ongoing clients.  Towards the end of this year I will attempt several marketing strategies, such as submitting some RFP’s, unsolicited proposals, and checking in on old clients and people who’ve been in my “funnel”.


  • A big thank you to Morgen, for letting us is on her vision and what works for her. You can learn more about Morgen and Bespoke Creative  HERE.