Have a Candy! Now Hear My Sales Pitch..

  • A lot of content about CONTENT is circulating these days! Content Marketing, or using social media to spread your brand through non-advertising means is a hot topic both  online and off- but should you adapt it as a marketing strategy  for your business? Do it well and you attract a lot of attention for your brand. Or does your audience just grab the free candy and run?

Content is Cool!

  • I find this a fascinating topic, not only because I am naturally drawn to relationship building strategy rather than hard-hitting sales approaches, but also because I love good content! I love to read, watch and listen to entertaining and informative posts on the net. I also love the idea of people sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings across genres and cultures, and I truly believe in humanizing business through authentic communication with customers. There’s no denying there are some big positives with this approach-  and it can certainly be fun!

Can Content ROI be Quantified?

  • But does it work? Are businesses pouring endless time and resources down a content management rabbit hole? Or does it pay off in terms of building brand awareness and creating customer  loyalty? You can do the SEO work to see what platforms brought customers to your site, but measuring the long term, post-click impact is difficult, if not impossible.


  • Here are some of the best articles  on content marketing I’ve seen recently:


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