• Had a great time working with 26 young entrepreneurs at the YMCA’s “Youth Mean Business” program today. So many exciting  projects- a very diverse and enthusiastic group!


  • Today’s 3- part  workshop covered Marketing Basics, Promotion Strategy, and  Branding Strategy. A recurring question that came up throughout the workshop was the difficulty in putting yourself on the line in marketing and branding your new business. We discussed how viewing marketing, promotion and branding as something not only necessary but positive can help entrepreneurs feel more confident. Instead of thinking “pushy, fake, or risky,” think: “Communicating your awesomeness to people who could benefit from your great offering!”  This was the outline for today’s workshop:

Marketing Basics

  • Participants workshopped the ideas of:

> Customer Value,

> Points of  Difference,

> Product Positioning,

  • and defining, researching and understanding their  Target Market

Promotion Strategy

  • Participants examined

> Traditional Promotion Channels

> Accelerating Word of Mouth online and offline

> Networking

Social Media Strategies

> (Sales Approach vs Customer Relationship  Approach)

  • Participants also had  time to do some self-reflection on how effective they are at marketing themselves.

Branding Strategy

  • Participants were introduced  to the idea of finding a balance  between Authenticity and Accessibility in creating a brand concept for their businesses, and had the opportunity to share their progress in creating their business names, logos, and other branding materials.


  • Participants will receive additional, personal feedback  on their branding materials as part of the YMB program. Looking forward to seeing more about them!