There are three things I can count on happening every time I teach a workshop. First, something has changed on one of the platforms or tools we are discussing. Either a button isn’t there any more, a feature is gone, or the tool has disappeared completely. Keeps me on my toes. Secondly, someone always asks me a question that I can’t answer. And, finally – I learn some new things, too. I love it!

And a fourth thing I can always count on: I always run out of time.

Here are some answers to questions about recent changes to how things work,  questions I didn’t know the answer to, or questions that I didn’t have time to answer completely. Only participants in today’s workshop will know which is which, that’s our secret.

1. Pinterest – how does it work and why would a business want to be on Pinterest?

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Business Success Stories

2. How do I tag people in a photo on Twitter?

Tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have 140 characters at your disposal.

3. Can I get access to more than 140 characters if I pay Twitter?

There were quite a few apps that allowed you to Tweet longer messages (Twitlonger, longertweets, twenth, talltweets) but the few that I checked out do not seem to be active any more. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching this so please let me know if you know of one that is active and also can give me a good reason for a business to use it. I didn’t see anything at all about Twitter offering longer tweets to paying customers.

That is all I can remember from earlier today – if you were in the workshop and I missed your question, you can tweet it to @todaysworkshop or leave it on our Facebook wall.