• Should you create a tagline for your brand? If you are a small business owner it could be a great idea.

Another way to connect:

  •  A tagline is  one brand element that works in combination with other brand elements (such as the organization name, logo, its colours etc) to support the message that the brand is trying to convey. Each brand element contributes to the overall message- but it is unlikely that any element on its own can communicate the whole story. A tagline is “tagged on” to the core brand elements to provide and extra layer to the brand- another component to help build depth of awareness among the target audience. It should be as simple as possible, memorable and either build the emotional impact of the brand or add descriptive information (and sometimes it can do both!).


  • Taglines can be created for entire organziations, for new products, for specific marketing campaigns or for an event.  Basically- a tagline gives you another opportunity to communicate your brand- to build the story. If done well, you can add  another layer  of meaning to your brand in a just a few words. Think about what is missing from your logo and business name. What about your brand were you unable to squeeze into those elements? Your differentiation? Your sense of humour?  Put your tagline to work to provide that missing piece! Feature it on a version of your logo, put it up on your website or FB business page, add it to your business cards.


  • If a tagline is long-lasting and enduring- it could become a commonly known slogan and become imprinted in the memories of your consumers. And that builds brand equity!

Tagline Tips:


  •  Here are three steps for creating a memorable, meaningful tagline that will speak to your customers:
  • 1. Start with a sentence that conveys your intended brand meaning : “We are the business that offers the best possible service.”
  • 2. Reduce it to a catchier phrase: “Offering Our Best”
  • 3. Make it customer facing“Our Best, to You.”

Go Social!

  • A nice thing about taglines is that they can be changed if needed, and new tagline can be created for brand extensions, changes in brand direction or new marketing programs.  But getting your new message out there traditionally takes time and advertising dollars- both of which small businesses can struggle to find. The solution? Get social!  Boost the impact of your tagline by creating a related #hashtag that you and your audience can use on twitter and other social media platforms.
  • In fact, you can use a clever #hashtag  as your actual tagline- a #hashtagline if you will- even in your offline marketing. You may have noticed TV commercials and other media referencing twitter and the hashtag trend- but this isn’t just trendy. It is a great way to start conversations around your campaign. By its very nature a #hashtagline encourages engagement with your brand.  Splash it across posters, brochures or postcards at the same time you launch it online. Just be sure you have a good social media manager to respond to the reaction (and if you are a very small business- that likely will be you!)
  • ~ Erica Halvorsen
I love to help small businesses express their brand.
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