The following topics for this week were determined by the smart goals the participants created last week.









Social Media Channels – Tips

  1. A quick look at each, with some tips. For one-on-one support, please sign up for advising time.
  2. An in-class exercise using the links below. Pick a social media channel and use the links below and other online research to come up with action steps for your smart goal. Then, do this for another business in the room (select a social media channel relevant to their smart goals and audience).


LinkedIn Marketing Case Studies


Instagram Notable Users


Facebook Ads Success Stories


Twitter Success Stories


Pinterest Success Stories


How to Make Your Business a Snapchat Success Story

Web Strategy




Content Marketing

-Branding, Tone, Topics

-Content Calendar

Online Communities

-User engagment



Options: Platforms that Offer an Online Community

20 Case Studies

Online Contests

Success Measurements







Additional Resources: links from last weeks workshop

Demographics – Find Your Audience

Social Media Calendars – lots of options out there

Today’s Workshop – Simple Templates

Todays Worskhop Content Calendar Quarterly – PDF

Todays Worskhop Content Calendar Annual Excel_2016