Last week during a social media workshop, I asked participants to create goals for how they want to use social media for their business. I promised to return this week with strategies and specific action steps to achieve those goals.

Social Media Goals – Account Set Up

-Update my personal LinkedIn profile by October 15, 2016.

-Create a LinkedIn company profile to promote business as local service provider of choice.

-Set up Facebook and Instagram accounts for business by the end of the month.

-Create a Facebook community by the end of this month.

Social Media Goals – Content

-Post to Facebook and Instagram once/week starting next week.

-Publish 1 blog post per month starting by the end of the month.

Social Media Goals – Actions

-Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to increase my MailChimp mailing list by 50 subscribers per month.

-Get 2 comments or reviews from people I’m not directly connected to by the end of October 31, 2016.

-3,000 Facebook and Instagram followers by December 31, 2016.

-10,000 Instagram followers by December 31, 2016.

Social Media – Partnerships

-2-3 Brand Ambassadors by October 31st.

-Generate 4 leads per month using LinkedIn (using both the company and professional profile).