“Do I really need to use social media to promote my business?”

  • Occasionally in my marketing workshops with entrepreneurs I get some push back on the necessity to use social media as a promotion tool, especially from older business owners, not surprisingly. “I’m not going on there!” “Twitter is AWFUL!” or “What do these social media platforms have to do with my business?”


  • It may take a while to figure out which social media platforms actually help you connect to your customers, and that will depend on your target market and the type of products or services you offer. But are there any businesses that shouldn’t bother with social media?


  • The answer is no. Social media platforms offer more than a just channel for you to broadcast your brand message. They have other big benefits for business as well:

    1. Research


  • Did you know Twitter isn’t just the land of internet trolls and celebrity gossip? Every industry and sector around the world is on twitter- tweeting links to the latest articles and reports in their field. It’s literally a revolving library on every subject by every professional and expert out there. Use the hashtag search to find the most recent talking points in your area of biz- the results are different than a google search as it will show you the latest posts, not the most popular.

 2. Content

  • When researching topics related to your business you may find some great articles, photos or videos links you’d love to share with your customers. That’s free content! Passing these links on to your audience on your own facebook business page does two things- it entertains and informs your consumers, and it shows that you are truly interested in the work that you do. Posting related content shows that you are connected to like minded businesses around the world.

 3. Presence

  • If you are just starting out in business, your website may be “under construction” for some time. Establishing branded Facebook and Twitter pages and posting on Instagram under your business name will give your potential customers a place to find you and connect. Even if you don’t get customers directly from these channels it is important to have an online presence and build a following. This gives your business credibility, and establishes you as a trusted part of your community.

4. Connection

  • Social Media lets you tell your brand story. If you have any visual aspect to your brand- an Instagram page or a Pinterest board is a great way to establish your aesthetic and show your consumers your style and what inspires you. Your posts on Facebook and Twitter help you communicate the personality of your business- are you caring and helpful? Funny and irreverent? Inspiring? Social media allows your audience to get to know your business beyond your sales promotion. This helps people  connect to you brand in a deeper way– which builds brand loyalty.


  • So don’t think of social media as just another promotional channel. Come to learn, share and connect!