Last week the group came up with SMART goals for social media. I also polled the class and we selected 3 platforms to focus on this week: Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Many of the participants are already active on these platforms to varying degrees.

Last Week’s Homework

Not mandatory, but recommended:

Participants set up profiles on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook and spend some time getting familiar with them if they aren’t already. Extra support is available during the one-on-one advising time available after the second workshop.

What to Expect This Week

Strategies to achieve the participants’ specific social media goals, using Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook. During the (approximately) 45 minutes we have for each platform, we will discuss:

  1. Participant Goals – revisit the goals created last week.
  2. Strategies – identify strategies to achieve these goals from articles and business success stories provided during the workshop.
  3. Tools – explore the tools available and how they can be used to achieve goals.


  • Participant Goals

To gain 25 new connections on LinkedIn by the end of the month.
To reach (100, 200) connections on LinkedIn by the end of the month.

  • Strategies
  • Tools


  • Participant Goals/Strategies

-To identify strategies based on business success stories on Pinterest.

-To craft SMART goals based on these strategies with a focus on measurability (ROI).

(There weren’t any SMART goals specifically about Pinterest shared during the last workshop, so I created one goal for all of us.)

  • Tools


  • Participant Goals

To reach 550 likes by the end of next month.

To reach (500, 1000, 6000) likes by January 1, 2015.

  • Strategies
  • Tools

Web Strategy

  • Participant Goals

To have an active presence on 6 different social media platforms 12 weeks from now.

  • Integration, Content Strategy

This is where we build a big flowchart together with particular focus on how the 3 platforms we talked about today can be used to increase content reach and send traffic to your website, while saving you time.

Read about last week’s workshop here.