In today’s workshop, I meet with the participants of Langara’s Self Employment program to build on our discussion in the workshop from last week.

Welcome Back!

At the end of last week’s workshop I asked the business owners to come up with some smart goals for what they would like to achieve with social media. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.


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Getting Started

Recap of last week and answers to questions about social media from the workshop last week.

Todays Workshop

The purpose of today’s workshop is to build on what we talked about last week. Today, with your goals in mind, we will discuss social media strategy, including: Social Media Strategy A content strategy for efficiency: it saves you time, makes the most of your content, and makes each communication more powerful. There are also tools to hep you spread your message automatically and enhance your social media presence. To be discussed: -The Mother Ship -Tools and Integration (connectivity, widgets, dashboards, lists, buttons) -Offline and online marketing (building your audience, paid online marketing, free resources, identifying opportunities)       -Success Measurements (is social media really free? How do businesses measure ROI?)       [info] Note: Twitter is offering a free webinar on how to track and optimize the performance of your Tweets with Twitter Analytics on February 10. If this interests you, register here. [/info]


My social media coordinator, Kendall Walters is joining us as a guest speaker today and will share her 5 Tips on Using Twitter For Business. I also invited her to sit in on the rest of the workshop, so she will be here to answer questions about Facebook and Twitter as well.

Facebook and Instagram

Next, we will look closely at the social media platforms the group selected at the end of the last workshop and how to use them to achieve the goals, using the 5 steps to getting started as our guide. If we have time, I’d also like to talk about Facebook advertising. 5 Steps to Getting Started on any social media platform 1. Sign Up 2. Set Up  3.Connect 4. Create 5. Conversation Conclusion Participants can sign up for a one-on-one session with me – Langara has provided for 4 hours of advising time. This is a great opportunity for me to dedicate time to help you use your web presence to boost your business, including your website and/or blog. Additional Resources   Follow Full’s board Social Media Workshop on Pinterest.