During class we briefly discussed video presentations and I promised to post some information about them:


You can create your own video slideshows at animoto.com. You upload your photos and video clips to animoto and then use animoto to animate them by adding transitions or movement.

The free version allows you to make an unlimited amount of videos up to 30 seconds long each. They charge $5/month if you want to make longer videos.

Animoto for Business

Animoto says, “Creating professional quality videos for your business has never been easier or more cost effective. Animoto Pro empowers you to leverage online video like a pro.”

Their Pro plan costs $39/month: the ‘animoto’ brand won’t appear on your videos and you also get access to over 1000 tracks of licensed music. The videos look impressive and are very easy to put together. I tested out the site a while ago by putting together a photo slideshow and it was very easy. Be warned, your video is only going to be as good as the content you upload. Also be very careful about copyright protection: only use images and music you are authorized to use.

So, what do you think?

Is this something you could use for your business? Also, do you know of any other platforms out there offering similar services?