Some basic guidelines if you are putting together a mailing list:

  • is the recipient a recent customer?
  • did you tell them they would be added to your mailing list during the transaction? 
  • have they indicated that they want to receive your newsletters or emails? 
  • have you communicated with them in the last year? 

Basically you only add people to your mailing list if you are 100% certain that they want it. If in doubt, contact them and ask them:

  • be clear about how many times, or under what circumstances, you will contact them – and do not exceed these self-imposed restrictions
  • make the ‘opt-out’ or ‘unsubscribe’ options clearly visible
  • have a clear privacy policy
  • be careful about other companies you affiliate with and their marketing practices

Other Strategies To Grow Your Mailing List:

  • Make sure the sign up button is clearly visible on your website.
  • Add an invitation to sign up to all appropriate marketing collateral (posters, online ads, even business cards or stationery – whatever is appropriate for your business). 
  • Offer an incentive.
  • Add a opt-in check box to your online shopping cart.
  • Add invitations to Facebook, Twitter or send out an invitation to your friends and followers (not too often!). 
  • Place a sign up sheet out at your next event or at your place of business. 

Remember, it is much better to have a small list of interested, engaged people than a large list of uninterested (and probably annoyed) people on your mailing list. 

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