Social Media Workshop

I recently facilitated a two-hour Social Media Workshop to a group of students in a Media and Communications class at the ESLI Language Center at Trinity Western University. We explored what the term social media means, discussed the different types (networks, blogs, content communities, etc), and touched on the often powerful ways that businesses and inviduals use social media (both good and bad). We also discussed the increased challenges of balancing one’s personal life and professional image once one is active in social media.

I really enjoyed talking to the students, who were from all over the world (Thailand, Belgium, Quebec, Taiwan…). The next week I received this card from them, which was an unexpected and wonderful surprise!


Mookri, Sylvie, Sophia, Hallit, Yill, Vivian, David, KyowDee, James, Mindy, Amy and anyone who didn’t write their name in the card – if you’re reading this, thank you! 🙂