Nozbe HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

This is a link to a guest post I wrote for the Boost Your Business event. As a business owner and a mom, I was very pleased to participate in the KnitWit’s support for other moms who are starting their own businesses. (Thanks Shair for the opportunity!) In this article I write about my favourite online business tools that help me manage my (and in some cases, my clients’): time, document, version control, social media, emails, onoline reputation, and even my thoughts! I hope you will find them useful, too. If you are using other online business tools please share them in the comments. 

Note: This is a re-post from my client support blog ( – it’s a resource I use for FAQs and coaching for clients related to social media, SEO, and internet marketing. Feel free to check it out, you might find some of the information there useful, too –