I will be speaking about social media policy at the Student Leadership Conference at the University of British Columbia on January 14, 2012. Here’s the information about my workshop from their site.


I have been asked to run the workshop twice – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Student Leadership Conference 2012

The Student Leadership Conference is UBC’s largest student-run conference, providing over 1100 delegates with the opportunity to achieve their personal breakthroughs through engaging workshops and speakers.

Each year, the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) strives to develop and enhance the leadership community at UBC. Over 11,000 delegates have participated in the conference over the past 10 years.

If you are a UBC student you can register at slc.ubc.ca. There are also opportunities for alumni delegates, as well as limited spots available for non-UBC delegates.

Social Media Success: Develop Your Own Social Media Policy 

The theme for this year is Breakthrough – the conference aims “to help delegates identify their barriers to success, then empower them to break through these obstacles, to go beyond and achieve their goals”.

Recent news stories show how social media can make (or break) leaders’ reputations. My workshop will help participants make their own personal ‘breakthroughs’ about how their social media presence can effect their positions as leaders. I’m looking forward to meeting with them, but I’m hoping that I don’t see any facial expressions like the ones in their promo video (see below)!