Here is some helpful information about RSS from CBC’s website:

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a popular standardized file format used for the delivery of up-to-date web-based content. Most (if not all) content websites today offer RSS feeds to their audiences. These RSS feeds allow audience members to receive content updates from websites and view that content through applications called ìRSS readersî as well as other interfaces (e.g. in the form of a Blog).

For more information about RSS feeds, simple enter ìRSSî into Google and look at the search results it provides or visit:

How can you access RSS feeds?

The most common way to view CBC or other RSS feeds on your computer is to use an RSS reader (see below). Once you have an RSS reader setup on your computer, simply copy the RSS feedís URL and paste it into the appropriate field in your RSS reader.

An alternative to downloading and installing an RSS reader on your computer is to use a Web-based RSS or News reader (e.g. Google Reader) or to add an RSS feed to an existing web-based widget space that you are already using (e.g. the iGoogle personalized web-space).

How can I add CBC RSS feed content to my own website?

You can publish free daily headlines on your personal website by using CBCís Free Headlines Service which is powered by CBCís RSS feeds.

How can I get an RSS / news reader?

There are many RSS / news readers available online. Some can be downloaded for free, while for others there is a charge for more customizable options. Furthermore, certain readers will work better on different operating systems. You will need to take these factors into account when you choose your software.

Below is a list of some popular RSS / news reader applications available online. Please note that these links are provided solely as a convenience for you and should not be seen as an endorsement of these applications by CBC.

How can I get RSS feeds on my mobile device?

You can get CBC or other RSS feeds on your mobile device though a variety of application and services.

If you do have a mobile RSS reader installed on your device, check with your mobile provider to see if they recommend a specific mobile RSS reader or check out the Google Mobile Reader as an option.



Why Use RSS feeds?
I prefer subscribing to RSS feeds rather than subscribing by email because I am trying to reduce the number of emails coming into my inbox.

This also means that all of my subscriptions are in one place when I have time to do some reading.

I use an app so that I can access my reader from anywhere – I like to read my subscriptions when I am waiting in line or if I’m early for a meeting.

I also like to mix up my subscriptions – topics are almost equally spread out between fun sites and sites related to my occupation.

Here are some samples of RSS feeds I am subscribed to:


Fun (disclosure: I am one of the editors of this site, but I am also a reader!)

Social Media



And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to Business Basics: