Planned Parenthood

“As the controversy erupted, Komen was deluged with negative emails and Facebook postings accusing it of knuckling under to pressure from anti-abortion groups. Many of Komen’s affiliates across the U.S. openly rebelled, and donations to Planned Parenthood poured in. The group said the donations since the original Komen decision surpassed $3 million. It has pledged to use the funds to maintain and expand its breast health services.”

Planned Parenthood Breast-Screening Grant Restored” by The Associated Press (

Fight For The Future

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PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Scleroderma Foundation

“…for its national advocacy call-in day, chose to work with social media trendsetter OrgSpring to develop an innovative crowd-sourcing campaign whereby supporters do all the advertising on Facebook for the organization. For this particular campaign, OrgSpring designed three Facebook timeline cover pics and one standard facebook profile picture, each with information supporting Scleroderma’s mission. The organization then asked followers and friends of followers to replace their Facebook profile pictures with the ones developed for the campaign.

The results were phenomenal, and helped introduce the organization to thousands of new fans and friends, not to mention helping the organization get one step closer to its goal – passing legislation that allocated more research funding for the disease, which to date, has no known cure.”

“By creating a Facebook persona representing our organization, we were able to connect with many of our volunteers via a site they already accessed on a regular basis,” said Armbrust. “For several months, we encouraged volunteers to join a Google Group, but this venture was unsuccessful because we were asking members of our community to engage in a site that they wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.” (Free Arts Director Annie D. Armbrust)
How Non-Profits are Using Social Media” by Melissa Jun Rowley (

“I see our website as our home base, the blog as our podium, and Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn as our megaphone.” (Claire Carlton, Social Media Manager, WWF 2009 Climate Policy Campaign)
Are Trees Social? Nonprofit Environmental Groups” by M. Laeeq Khan (